Recipes and blog articles

The Y and the Boorondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities have teamed up with Nutrition Australia to bring you a series mouthwatering recipes and blog articles that will do wonders for your health and mental well-being. Whether you're looking to get stronger and create protein-packed meals or just want some quick and nutritious dishes for a balanced diet, we've got you covered. These recipes will help you create nutritious meals that will please everyone in the family, including those fussy eaters. Together with Nutrition Australia, we're here to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and keep those taste buds happy.

These articles and recipes are broken down into four pillars, designed to help you maintain your wellbeing and balanced and healthy diet.

Nutrition workshops

We have partnered with Nutrition Australia to bring our members a series of free, engaging workshops to explore practical strategies and tips for a lifestyle of healthy, balanced eating.

At the Y, we are committed to help you and your family live a healthier and happier life through more informed food and health choices. To support this goal, we have developed an exciting nutrition program in partnership with Australia’s leading network of nutrition experts, n4 food and health.

Whether you are looking to achieve sustainable weight loss, better educate yourself and your family around the benefits of good nutrition, or smash your fitness goals, there is something for everyone in our nutrition program which is FREE as part of your membership.

Through the nutrition program you will be able to enjoy access to:

  • nutrition seminars
  • YMCA Healthy Living Magazine.

Nutrition seminars  

We run online nutrition seminars every quarter run by qualified dietitians, covering topics including healthy living, diet, digestion and gut health. 

Subscribers are notifed with how to join our nutrition seminars via email. To become a subscriber, please contact

Take a look at YMCA Healthy Living Magazine below, or visit Virtual Y to access a variety of nutrition resources.


YMCA Healthy Living Magazine

Our YMCA Healthy Living Magazine is a free quarterly publication packed full of healthy, seasonal recipes, easy snacks, nutrition tips, and food the whole family will love. We also give you ideas on how to get active and stay active all year round.

Plus, each edition offers various giveaway competitions – take a look at our terms and conditions below.

Spring 2023 edition

In this spring 2023 edition, we've got loads of cool stuff to help you make the most out of spring when it comes to your food and staying active. We're talking about seasonal eating, cutting down on waste, saving some money, and doing your part for the planet. You can also learn more about the benefits of meal prepping. Find out how it can simplify your daily eating, save you time, and keep your meals fresh and tasty.

You could also score one of three Blitzbottles – these handy portable blenders are an easy way to make smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes, and even salad dressings!

Enter the draw by:

  1. Scan that QR code on the last page of the mag.
  2. Tell us what you think of this season's mag in 50 words or less.
  3. Hit submit, and you might just be our next Blitzbottle winner!

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  • Terms and conditions


    To enter, simply tell us your thoughts about the spring 2023 edition of YMCA Healthy Living Magazine in 50 words or less and email this to by 1 December 2023.

    If your comments are chosen, then you’ll be notified via email during the week commencing 4 December 2023 as the prize winner! Responsibility is on the recipient to check emails to redeem the prize. Failure to respond within one month will result in a forfeit of the prize.

    The winner may also be announced on social media using a first name initial and surname. Prize can be claimed via an email response to both the YMCA and n4 food and health. Any unclaimed prize may be re-promoted in future editions. Entries will not be subscribed to future editions of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine unless 'SUBSCRIBE ME’ is included in the entry.

Winter 2023 edition

Get ready for the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine's winter edition! It's packed with awesome tips to keep you healthy during the chilly months. Spice up your winter menus by adding seasonal veggies like greens, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts to soups and pies for extra flavor and warmth. You will also learn the importance of exercise in staying well and fighting winter germs, as well as the role of nutrients from in-season fruits and vegetables in supporting our immune systems.

Read the winter 2023 edition


Autumn 2023 edition

Welcome to the autumn 2023 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine! This edition is full of delicious food, seasonal recipes and nutrition tips. We explore the surprising health benefits of Brussels sprouts and reveal what makes the perfect balanced lunch. Find out how to make your shopping basket healthier and discover what's in season. Nutrition experts also give us fascinating insight into topics from women's fertility to wheat intolerance and choosing the best plant-based milk. Parks Victoria even share brilliant hiking and bushwalking tips, so you can try something new this autumn

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Summer 2022-2023 edition

Welcome to the summer 2022-2023 edition of YMCA Healthy Living Magazine! With the end of the year approaching, we're all feeling the effects of burnout. This edition, we dive into how to identify burnout and how to practice self-care during the festive season. Christmas can sometimes lead to overindulging, so we've also got a great article on staying fit this summer - whether it's swimming laps or joining a group fitness class at your local YMCA. Dietician Rachel Scoular also shares great advice on how to improve your gut health. Find out what foods are in season and follow our delicious recipes!


Read the summer 2022-2023 edition


Spring 2022 edition

Welcome to the spring 2022 edition of YMCA Healthy Living Magazine. This issue also has lots of juicy, engaging nutrition content. Nicole Mott shows us how to look after our budget and push back against skyrocketing grocery bills. You can learn about fermented foods with Angela Lee, and how to include more in your diet. Marnie gives us a fascinating insight into the surprising role of sleep in eating and nutrition. Dr Tim Crowe writes about inflammation – a hot topic at the moment in the health landscape. And Melbourne psychologist Seona Ilalio shows us the power of grounding for health and wellbeing, and how we can practice it. 


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Winter 2022 edition

Our winter 2022 edition has so many delicious warming recipes, you’ll want to try them all! As usual, we’ve included plenty of seasonal ideas to spark joy in the kitchen, warm your soul and fuel your active lifestyle. We explore the nutritional perks of oats, as well as taking a fresh look at the merits of frozen food. If you find yourself in need of inspiration to get out of the house and stay fit and healthy during the coldest, darkest months of the year - we’ve got you covered, with fascinating scientific insights from our inspiring dietitians. 


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Autumn 2022 edition

In the autumn 2022 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine, we give you practical help on improving diet quality, as well as kitchen inspiration with Joel Feren’s top 10 vegetarian foods. We introduce new seasonal favourites; including beetroot, eggplant and sweet potato. Plus, we serve up some delicious treats – with carrot cake muffins and sweet potato brownies on the menu. While that's the foodies sorted, we’re featuring exercise physiologist Stephanie Frade, who dives into a very topical subject: exercise and immune health.


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Summer 2021-2022 edition

In the summer 2021-2022 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine is here, you'll find summer recipes, festive gift ideas, how to find balance during the festive season, as well as how to take your exercise outside this summer.


Read the summer 2021 - 2022 edition


Spring 2021 edition

In the spring 2021 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine, you'll find spring menus, information about multivitamins, how to make the most of nature's blue-green spaces to keep well, as well as how to dance your way through lockdown.


Read the spring 2021 edition


Winter 2021 edition

In the winter 2021 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine, you'll find something for every age group - from nutrition for teenagers, to advice for older adults on aches and pains in winter. Plus, we have some insightful nutritional advice on mindful eating and healthy diets.


Read the winter 2021 edition


Autumn 2021 edition

The autumn 2021 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine features health advice on how to do a walking meditation, as well as nutritional advice on autumnal eating - this edition is packed with great content.


Read the autumn 2021 edition


Summer 2020-2021 edition

The summer 2020-2021 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine has health and nutritional advice to help you start the new year with a spring in your step and support your long-term health and wellness goals.


Read the summer 2020-21 edition


Spring 2020 edition

The spring 2020 edition of the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine is full of the usual health and nutritional advice, plus you’ll find some inspiring stories and delicious recipes to try in lockdown.


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