Everyone is welcome to use our facilities for a casual entry fee. If you're a regular user, a membership is a better value option. To find out more about our memberships, visit our memberships page.

  • Aquatics / swim
    Swim $7.60
    Swim (concession or child) $6.10
    Swim / spa / sauna $14.70
    Swim / spa / sauna (concession) $11.70
    Spectator (adult supervising a child over 5, not entering the water) Free 
  • Gym
    Gym access (18+) $26.90
    Gym access (18+) (concession) $21.60
  • Group fitness
    Group fitness class $19.10
    Group fitness class (concession) $15.30
  • Sauna
    Sauna $14.70
    Sauna (concession) $11.70
  • Stadium
    Casual shooting $7.60
    Casual shooting (concession) $6.10
    Badminton court hire (per hour) $20.70
    For full and half court bookings please see our stadium page
  • Child care

    We offer two styles of care: sessional care and occasional care:

    • sessional care: for parents and carers who are planning to stay within the centre while their child is in care
    • occasional care: for parents and carers who would like to pursue activities outside the centre while their child is in care - please see our child care page for more information about occasional care.
    Sessional care members (per 1.5 hour session) $8.90
    Sessional care non-members (per 1.5 hour session) $12.60
    Occasional care (per 1.5 hour session) $19.90
  • Children's Birthday Parties
       Per Person

    Prices per person


    $33.60 minimum 10 people per booking

    Deposit $336.00 (non refundable, paid at the time of booking)


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