2021 Swimming lessons available for all ages

Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre Swimming Lessons are more than just a swimming lesson. Students will:

  • Participate in group lessons with nationally accredited teachers that follow a curriculum which allows timely progression of water safety skills.
  • Have unlimited access to our aquatic facilities to practice swimming outside of lesson times.
  • Establish a lifelong appreciation for safe activity in the water.

Swimming lessons are a fun way to keep children healthy and active all year. The YMCA Swimming Lesson program focuses on water safety and personal survival techniques, not just the traditional swimming strokes.

To sign up, fill in the form on this page and once submitted, you’ll receive a call from one of our friendly staff members within 24 hours.

Swimming lessons are an essential part of any child’s development and are a great way to keep children healthy and active throughout the year. Swimming is one of the most valuable physical skills any child can learn - safely setting them up for a lifetime of fun in and around water.

We’re committed to ensuring a COVID-Safe environment for all members and staff. See more about our commitments.

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